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Tranformational Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance and Healing Sessions in my Marin County, California office, by Phone or Skype Nationwide and Worldwide 

Publisher/Founder of The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People, a free online magazine (


After graduating with a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin in 1969, I began my intuitive studies in 1971 while simultaneously attending the San Francisco Art Institute (graduating with a B.F.A. in 1972). In 1973 I went into the health food business in a country store with local and imported handcrafts. When I started receiving direct spiritual guidance myself in 1995, I intensified my studies with many well-known leaders in the personal growth and energy healing fields, and in my own personal practice. 
All the studying I have done, together with a series of powerful personal events that culminated in a near-death experience, rearranged my spiritual understanding of life and laid the ground-work for the spiritual counseling and healing knowledge that I receive. Information and healing energy transmissions come through me to each client, with deep spiritual, emotional and/or physical effects that change my clients' lives in fabulous ways.

               ~The Release Technique
~ Peak Potentials Seminars ... joining personal growth and financial abundance
               ~ 21-Day DEEKSHA Process in Amma/Bhagavan's Golden City, India
               ~ Graduate of SEH, the School for Enlightenment and Healing, a three year certificate program (1997)
               ~ Reiki Master
               ~ Reconnective Healing Practitioner
               ~ "The Reconnection" Practitioner
               ~ Master M.A. Breatherapist
               ~ Years of study with Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere
(international healer and the most studied aura-seer in the world)
               ~ Studied with Shelby Hammit, energy anatomy/physiology expert
               ~ Ordained by Rev. "Momma" Lucas, renowned spiritual healer


           Publisher/Founder of The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People, a free online magazine (
Author of "Thrilled to Be Alive! 3 Steps to Living the Life You Were Born to Live."
Private Practice since 1995 locally and by phone or Skype to 14 states and internationally
           (Costa Rica, England, Israel, Italy, Spain, Sweden)
           Leading Personal Growth and Meditation Groups and Teleseminars since 1996
           Offering Personal Growth and Spiritual Healing Workshops since 1996
           Author of Recorded Talk: "Breaking the Myths of Reality" with music by Steven Halpern
           Lectured multiple times at the Whole Life Expo and 
           Institute of Noetic Sciences' Petaluma, San Rafael and West Marin chapters
           Adult Ed. Classes locally and out of state


About Cari:

If you would like to find out more about my background which made my spiritual work possible, go to my Biography page, to the page about my recording, Breaking the Myths of Reality, and to my article, "The Transformation."

Cari Alter is a gifted Tranformational Life Coach, a Spiritual Guide and Healer, a Sound Healer, certified practitioner of Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing and Master M.A. Breatherapy, as well as a Reiki Master, with a private practice and transformative meditation classes and workshops in Marin County, California. Long distance phone or Skype sessions are also available and are equally effective.

Cari is the publisher/founder of the free online magazine: The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People. She has lectured numerous times at the Whole Life Expo, the Institute of Noetic Sciences Petaluma, San Rafael & West Marin chapters, and adult education classes nationwide. She is the author of "Thrilled to Be Alive! 3 Steps to Living the Life You Were Born to Live," a free thank you gift when you subscribe to the gazette. : 415-717-6337