with the Reverend Cari Alter
Cari is an ordained minister under Rev. Delorise "Momma" Lucas
in the House of Prayer in the Order of Melchizedek, a non-denominational church.

Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

"Cari helped us have the absolutely perfect wedding experience. It was exactly what I had hoped for. There was a definite change that occurred by the end of our unique ceremony. It felt like coming home ... coming home to myself."
Jerry Anderson . . . Artist, Architect

"Cari brought such a wonderful and unique dynamic to our wedding ceremony. She created a dialogue with us prior to the wedding, offering spiritual guidance and insight and taking the time to connect with us as a couple. This gave the ceremony itself a very close and personal energy which is exactly what we wanted. Wendy and I are forever grateful to Cari for her contribution to our wedding."
T. Gahagan . . . Teacher/Musician

Birth Blessings & Welcoming Ceremonies

As I've seen it, when we are born, we bring with us unfinished business from past lives, which we then spend this lifetime unraveling and attempting to resolve for our soul's divine expansion. In a birth blessing or welcoming ceremony, we are sometimes graced with an opportunity to release old woundings on the spot and the new being then has that much less to struggle with in this lifetime. While we can always place a blessing with helpful effects, we have no control over whether an old wounding will offer itself up for release. In either case, what is wonderful is that we are establishing an intention for divine blessing to last a lifetime.

"Cari came to my home to do a blessing when my son was six weeks old. Whatever was lingering around him vanished and a sense of peace settled in him."
Diana D. . . . Mother

Funerals & "passing" guidance for the dying & survivors

Having had a near-death experience after my big car accident in 1997, and having had many spiritual and energy experiences with people shortly before they passed over and shortly after they left their body as well, I have a deep knowledge of what is really happening versus what society has taught us is happening. This enables me to provide guidance at a deeper level than customary in these difficult times. I find the information I have to be very comforting for those passing as well as for those loved ones still living. I do not charge for these services, but do gratefully receive anything you might like to give if you find my service had value for you. I offer ongoing support at private session rates if needed.

Custom Ceremonies or Celebrations

When I first began my spiritual journey back in the 90's, I was pretty skeptical about ceremonies. I rolled my eyes and considered them to be too, too new agey. Well, since then, I have been blown away by the power of ceremony. Once you begin to see energy, the results are undeniable. In fact, we are constantly doing mini ceremonies unconsciously in life and having the consequences affect us either with more struggle or more blessing, depending on what we did. It is really true that doing any type of blessing or thanks, internally or aloud, before you eat makes your food more nourishing for you. And so I recommend and offer the following ideas for blessings:

to mark the profound beginning or end of life passages, such as new home or office blessings/clearings, new job, new relationship, birthdays, adoption, retirement, divorce, etc. All done with love and Grace.


About Cari:

If you would like to find out more about my background which made my spiritual work possible, go to my Biography page, to the page about my recording, Breaking the Myths of Reality, and to my article, "The Transformation."

Cari Alter is a gifted Tranformational Life Coach, a Spiritual Guide and Healer, a Sound Healer, certified practitioner of Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing and Master M.A. Breatherapy, as well as a Reiki Master, with a private practice and transformative meditation classes and workshops in Marin County, California. Long distance phone or Skype sessions are also available and are equally effective.

Cari is the publisher/founder of the free online magazine: The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People. She has lectured numerous times at the Whole Life Expo, the Institute of Noetic Sciences Petaluma, San Rafael & West Marin chapters, and adult education classes nationwide. She is the author of "Thrilled to Be Alive! 3 Steps to Living the Life You Were Born to Live," a free thank you gift when you subscribe to the gazette. : www.innerlightgazette.com/subscribe 415-717-6337