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Dear Ones, Here are some of my personally favorite things and people that complement my work. I use them myself in my own life and recommend them to you all. . . 

Love and blessings, Cari      


1. RECOMMENDED BOOKS - I strongly recommend these wonderful books. If you feel drawn to them, please order them (and anything else) through their titles or the link below, as I am an Amazon Affiliate. Thanks, my friends...

1) The Two Step: The Dance Toward Intimacy by Eileen McCann 

2) Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton, PH.D 

3) Love For No Reason by Marci Shimoff

4) Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Don Richard Riso  

David Kitts, L.Ac.

2. ACUPUNCTURE  and SOUL STRUCTURE HEALING - David Kitts, L.Ac. - (415) 269-0885

David's offices are in Corte Madera and at the Fairfax Community Wellness Center, an affordable, non-profit healthcare clinic, where you can get a 20 min. session for $20.

Not only is David an excellent acupuncturist in the traditional sense (he has had his own practice for about 20 years and taught at Meiji College), but he is also extremely intuitive and gentle, and a powerful energy healer as well. He offers potent Soul Structure Healing. Mixing these two types of healing together, he is able to access deeper levels of healing than if he were using just acupuncture alone. His work is amazing.

David Kitts, L.Ac.

Kathleen Casey, Master Gong Player and Sound Healer - (505) 264-3170

Kathleen's Gong Concerts are profound. I've heard them described by participants as a shamanic journey. For me, I get transported to some other realm and come back feeling sublimely peaceful. She gives private healing sessions as well.


4. Websites of Wonderful Spiritual Teachers:
  Adyashanti -
  Neelam -    
  Ramana Marharshi -    

David Kitts, L.Ac.

Ventanadasana  - - Ventanadasana (known as V) is a powerful transmitter of healing and enlightening energies. He works in Mt. Shasta and remotely by phone.


5. WWW.DAMANHUR.ORG   -  Wonderful spiritual community in Italy with fantastic underground temple

David Kitts, L.Ac.

abulous new age singer whose music opens my radio show archives.
CD's: 1) You Are the Diamond 
     2) Only Love Prevails



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