Spiritual Counseling and Healing


1. Transformational Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance and Healing with Cari

* Realign the energies responsible for your life journey.
* Start showing up for yourself.
* Release your issues.
* Change your life.

Make your life work now!
I will be able to take you to the subconscious issues and patterns that are running your life. It will become clear to you why it looks the way it does. We begin right away to realign and unstick the tangled energies to shift your life.

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2. Grow Your Inner Light Now! Tele-Class Series

Engage your spiritual potential
Get better results and attract the right people
Refresh and regroup spiritually to re-enter your life

Join Cari in one one-hour telephone meeting each month full of:

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3. Couples Package: Two Transformational Spiritual Counseling Sessions

* Loving
* Honest
* Sexy
* Fun
* Respectful
* Clear Communication

Spiritual principles empower your relationship and bring more intimacy to your lives together.

Get a fresh approach to your relationship issues using the hidden universal laws that really run your lives ... with fabulous results.

This is not "he did this, she did that" kind of counseling. This is powerful work done parallel but together, uncovering the gears that grind between you.


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Cari with View

4. One full day private intensive with Cari

Give yourself a special treat!

I now offer an eight hour one day private intensive. You may apply to come to my heavenly country home for a full day (11am-7pm Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday) in Marin County, California, one hour north of San Francisco with redwoods, flower gardens and sunny hills.
The advantage of this day is taking conscious living out of an artificial office session setting and incorporating it into your actual life, so your body re-learns how to do it naturally in the course of simply living.

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Cari White Indoors

5. Personalized Oracle Program

People have been loving this morning guidance. I will tune into your energy structure, patterns and underlying ambiance each day, do a reading, hear messages from your guides, and send you a short email with a contemplation and/or practice to keep you heading in a spiritually expansive direction.
Though not necessary, you may choose a theme, such as relationship, career, or anything else, if you'd like.

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6. Meditation Video for Your Business or Personal Issues

1. Do you have an issue you'd like to help yourself with through repeated short meditations?
2. Do you have a business website that would communicate your message better with a guided visualization or meditation video on it?
3. Or maybe you have a friend or family member with an urgent health, career or personal issue and you'd like to gift them a personalized meditation?

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If you would like to find out more about my background which made my spiritual work possible, go to my Biography page, to the page about my recording, Breaking the Myths of Reality, and to my article, "The Transformation."

Cari Alter is a gifted Tranformational Life Coach, a Spiritual Guide and Healer, a Sound Healer, certified practitioner of Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing and Master M.A. Breatherapy, as well as a Reiki Master, with a private practice and transformative meditation classes and workshops in Marin County, California. Long distance phone or Skype sessions are also available and are equally effective.

Cari is the publisher/founder of the free online magazine: The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People. She has lectured numerous times at the Whole Life Expo, the Institute of Noetic Sciences Petaluma, San Rafael & West Marin chapters, and adult education classes nationwide. She is the author of "Thrilled to Be Alive! 3 Steps to Living the Life You Were Born to Live," a free thank you gift when you subscribe to the gazette. : www.innerlightgazette.com/subscribe 415-717-6337