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Intuitive Reading, Spiritual Healing, and Sound Healing Sessions
in my Marin County office or by Phone Worldwide


"Cari Alter has radically altered my universe. My work with her has made my reality indescribably brighter. Sessions with Cari feel to me like gateways to other worlds-- worlds in which life is more lucid, joyful and light. I consider her to be one of the angels of my life." :) . . . A.C., Student, Novato, CA

"I had a huge breakthrough with Cari after many years of all types of therapy. I have been teaching spiritual guidance for more than 25 years. My work with Cari has taught me to find freedom in relating to life patterns and subsequently altered my own reality in a remarkable way. Life is sweet! Thank you Cari." . . . Lisa Woolf, Clairvoyant for Criminal Divisions
"Through my sessions with Cari, I've experienced deep transformational changes within myself. It was like I had been walking through my days in a state of perpetual fog. Now, everywhere I look, colors are brighter and more vivid, and the entire world feels more alive, as if the universe itself is winking at me. Cari has given me a profound underlying shift in my perspectives, and for that I am eternally and humbly grateful." . . . Yan Gorman, Technical Project Manager
"Through Cari’s gentle yet powerful teachings and healings, I have attracted a beautiful, loving and fulfilling relationship and started a meaningful, creative and productive business. I highly recommend Cari's work. What she teaches reaches deep down within and will stay with you forever.". . . Cathy Colt, Owner, "Once and Again" Quality Consignments, Novato, CA
"My session with Cari - one of the extraordinary experiences of my life." Ventanadasana . . . Spiritual Teacher
"Thanks for the extraordinary work yesterday. I feel more alive and positive and happy and forgiving and hopeful than I can remember." Brian Cluer . . . Earth Scientist
“Of all the healers I’ve been to in the last 15 years, I trust Cari the most. I feel safe on every level. As a result of her work, I have stopped taking many pills, feeling better and more peaceful. The lupus is affecting my body less and my rash has subsided.”
Adva Mey . . . M.A. Trainer and Healer
"Working with Cari has led to a wonderful unfolding of my spirit which has in turn led to an unfolding of my life .... For anyone who suspects there is more to life than struggle and stagnation, take Cari’s hand, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride of your life." Melissa Lewis . . . Speaking Consultant
“It’s really amazing. This relationship seemed so unpromising, but through the work I’ve done with Cari, it’s gotten deeper and deeper, richer and richer. Now it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had.”
Suey Irvine . . . Healer, Poet and Feng Shui Consultant
“Cari's wisdom and insight penetrate core wounds with loving guidance, nurturance, compassion, and truth. I'm able to stay in the journey at a deeper level than I can access on my own, through darkness into light, because of her love ... better than with any other therapist I've been to, and I've been to tons of therapists."
Ellen Gordon . . . O.T.R. (Occupational Therapist)
“With Cari’s vision, guidance and healing talents, major blocks have cleared around my core issues, facilitating my life-transformation from dis-ease, grief and suffering into well-being, purpose and happiness.”
Rev. Gay Lynn Saunders, D.C. . . . Holistic Chiropractic Physician and Essene Minister

“I am in awe of the accuracy of her perceptions.” Randy Peyser . . . Magazine Editor-in-Chief
“I came to Cari in pain ten months after being hit by a car, scheduled for elbow surgery. Although I did not experience much during this session, that night I slept straight through for the first time in three months. Within three days, my pain was all gone, never to return, and the surgery was called off. Cari comes from an open heart and holds a place of high integrity. I always feel loved in her presence."
Suzan Dalle' .
. . Brain Integration Therapist
“From my work with Cari … I have become re-acquainted with my own connection with God and my true self."
Krystyna Barron . . . Director of Business and Financial Affairs, Matte World Digital
“Each time I am fortunate enough to have a healing session with Cari … my perception of reality and my ability to love and experience myself and others expands.” Patty Willner . . . Healer (BBSH)
“After Cari worked on my frail 17 year old cat, who was sluggish and losing weight, within days her health improved - she began eating better, going outside and acting like a much younger cat - even climbing my fence. It was like night & day.”
Patricia Kelly . . . CMT & Sound Healer, Autonics Practitioner
“My work with Cari has been profound. She’s wise, intuitive, and precise…with…angelic presence.”
Patty Marshall . . . CMT, Reiki Master



If you would like to find out more about my background which made my spiritual work possible, go to my Biography page, to the page about my recording, Breaking the Myths of Reality, and to my article, "The Transformation."

Cari Alter is a gifted Tranformational Life Coach, a Spiritual Guide and Healer, a Sound Healer, certified practitioner of Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing and Master M.A. Breatherapy, as well as a Reiki Master, with a private practice and transformative meditation classes and workshops in Marin County, California. Long distance phone or Skype sessions are also available and are equally effective.

Cari is the publisher/founder of the free online magazine: The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People. She has lectured numerous times at the Whole Life Expo, the Institute of Noetic Sciences Petaluma, San Rafael & West Marin chapters, and adult education classes nationwide. She is the author of "Thrilled to Be Alive! 3 Steps to Living the Life You Were Born to Live," a free thank you gift when you subscribe to the gazette. : www.innerlightgazette.com/subscribe 415-717-6337